We are Peoples Bank Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society (PBMCS) established to coordinate entrepreneurs in organizing a collection of private funds to serve as a reliable source of investment opportunities and credit, which members can look towards as a convenient and more affordable means of personal entrepreneurial development. Our targets are people we share common bond with especially amongst the young populace in Nigeria and beyond.


To be the preferred Cooperative Society in Nigeria, creating wealth and improving lives.


To create a system that empowers its members through provision of quality, diversified, innovative and market driven financial and technical services and exceeding members expectation.


  • To become a successful thrift and credit union.
  • To meet the business needs of its members by providing them with opportunities for investments.
  • To upgrade the quality, productivity and welfare of members through regular entrepreneurial trainings and seminars.
  • To meet the social needs of the society by engaging in Social Responsibility.

PBMCS engages in eight (8) major fields of activities/businesses thereby performing more than one function to her members. They are as under listed:

  1. Collection of Savings for investment purposes and offering of Credit Facility to its members
  2. Multi Level Marketing
  3. Entertainment and Events
  4. Real Estate
  5. Oil and Gas
  6. Haulage & Logistics
  7. Agriculture
  8. General marketing of goods and services

Products & Services

Regular Savings Account At PBMCS, we recognize that everyday living expenses is a factor affecting financial freedom and the success of entrepreneurship so we encourage our members to save today no matter how small from their earnings in order to meet tomorrow’srising needs. Savings is for both personal and business objectives. A member can withdraw from your savings account but it is not advisable for a sustainable savings objective.
Loans and Credits Every member is entitled to one type of loan or another per time and the criteria for accessing such loan will be determined by the Executive Committee. The interested member only needs to have one or two requirements to meet. The repayment promaatection may be insured at extra cost at the option of the member.
Financial Advisory We render expert personal and business financial advisory to our members free of charge. We help members organize their finances, investments and business plans so that they can take useful advantage of their current and future opportunities.
Enterprenuerial Seminars/Trainings Entrepreneurialdevelopment through seminars/trainings of members and promaaspective members depending on entrepreneurialdreams. Members will be empowered through seminars and trainingsat different times and locations towards the actualization of their personal and entrepreneurial development.
Investment Platform Every member is entitled to invest in the investment platform run by the Cooperative with any amount ranging from the sum of N2,000.00 and above to get return on investment after 30days of investing based on the profit made. An investorsis allowed to withdraw both capital and profit after 30 days and can reinvest if he or she so desires. Note, if you have up to 50,000 in your savings account,PBMCS will automatically invest it for you. you can cancel investment if you wish to.Note: Your investment return depends on high or low trade. if trade is high you will get 50% return but if trade is low, you will get 20% return. For example, if you invest 100,000 you will get 150,000 on high trade after 30 days but if trade is low you will get 120,000 after 30 days. Remember your money is used for trade, we pay you from profit made after trade not robbing peter to pay paul.


How to become a member

Membership is voluntarily open to persons from the age of eighteen (18)years and above of sound mind and character who supports our principles and values. Every member must pay 1,000 for registration. once this payment is made, automatically you a full member

Although as membership is by consent, a prospective member has to indicate interest to be registered as a member of the cooperative and can opt out at any time at the maturity of his or her investment.

However, we constantly look for new and better ways to provide our members with the most current, convenient and beneficial services whether financial or otherwise.

Why become a member Whether you are a business owner, an employee of an organization who desires to be an entrepreneur or your business is struggling to survive you need the synergy available in a well-planned and organized Cooperative like PBMCS that will expose you to investment opportunities.

If you are just interested in investing in a viable entrepreneurial vision, then at Seminars and Programs well organized by PBMCS, you will meet and learn from and be mentored by young successful entrepreneurs who will share their personal stories and insight on what they did not get right, how they got it right and how they will do better in business.

However, we constantly look for new and better ways to provide our members with the most current, convenient and beneficial services whether financial or otherwise.
Membership Benefits
  1. Accessto business/investment opportunities.
  2. Access to free mentoring by inspiring and successful entrepreneurs and networking with other entrepreneurs.
  3. Access to purchase of landed and other properties on installmental payment plan.
  4. Access to credit based on some lending criteria such as length of membership,credit record etc.
  5. Direct access to the Cooperative’s Gas station at designated locations even in time of scarcity.
  6. Discount on cost of renting Events Venues owned by the Cooperative.
  7. Opportunity to advertise businesses on the Cooperative’s various online and offline platforms.
Disclaimer This is to notify all investors that Peoples Bank Multi-Purpose Cooperative shall only be liable and responsible to its registered members who have fully completed their registration process with their data recorded on the database of PBMCS. All investors and intending investors should note that:
  1. Anyone or Organization that intends to invest either personally or through a third party must pay a one-off membership registration fee of N1,000.00 and thereafter provide all neccessary personal information as required for the completion of the registration process failing which investment from such individual or Organization shall not be accepted by PBMCS.
  2. Anyone or Organization who intends to invest with Peoples Bank Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society without being a registered member must invest through a registered member whose name is on PBMCS's database.
  3. Anyone or Organization who collect monies from intending investors in a bid to defraud them with a false notion of investing the monies for them with PBMCS without them being registered members of the Cooperative is doing so at their own risk as Peoples Bank Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society shall not be held liable/responsible for any loss of monies of the intending investors resulting from such misrepresentation.

Our Activities

Ownership and Control The Cooperative shall be jointly owned but democratically controlled. Members need to have a democratic voice in the affairs of the Cooperative. However this democratic process would be defined by the bye laws and could be made by consensus or majority vote, depending on the process of the Cooperative. The Cooperative shall be run by the Executive Committee (elected from the Cooperative’s membership) to represent the interests of the members. There is also a holding company that owns equity in the Cooperative. The role of the holding company is to manage and reduce business risk, policy control and overall management of the Cooperative. The members are the users or consumers of the Cooperative’s products or services. Unlike business ownership, which is based on the percentage of the business a person owns, Cooperative ownership is based on how much of the products or services the member subscribes. Members are expected to invest into the Cooperative and benefit from the surplus of the Cooperative, as well as share any financial burdens it may have in difficult times.
Profit Sharing Cooperatives often define their profits as “surplus,” that is, net income generated by the investments of the Cooperative. The ratio for the distribution of surplus is determined by the Executive Committee of the Cooperative. Normally this ratio returns a certain percentage of the money to the Cooperative’s indivisible reserve fund (the Cooperative’s bank account, for instance) and then distributes some percentage to members through a combination of cash dividends, subsidized and long term property ownership schemes as well as apportioning a ratio to Social Responsibility.
Disposal of Surplus Disposal of Surplus The excess of the Cooperative’s profit over expenses and running costs of the Cooperative Office shall be distributed in the following manner: General reserve fund (minimum 25%): for financial stability Holding company: (35%) Social Responsibility (5%) Members (35 %) – available to all members based on each member’s savings, investment ,share capital and Loans .The members share of the profit shall be in form of housing, land, development fund, property ownership schemes, and interests on his/her investments.

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